Women's Health Magazine Highlights 1Rider Studio Director on Instagram

From the Instagram account for Women's Health Magazine (@womenshealthmag)

"The right music can be a game changer in a fitness class—and no one understands that better than 1Rider studio director @brittanyraehs, who turned her classical music background into a career in fitness.

Studying bassoon in college at a music conservatory, Brittany injured herself from overuse—she had severe tendinitis on her left side and her hand would go numb when she played. "I didn't know how to practice and have a connection with my body," she tells WH. "I felt like I had basically given up my dreams of performing and playing music, so I just started moving." She took a cycle class and had a blast, but knew her background could make it even better.

Brittany became a cycle teacher at her university's gym, and got her fellow musicians moving, too. "We'd finish rehearsing Stravinsky, and then go listen to Britney and ride bikes," she says. She taught classes at Flywheel, Solidcore, and Orangetheory to support her schooling before one of her clients approached her about helping to open a cycle studio of their own.

Now, at 1Rider in Issaquah, Washington, Brittany runs all the operations and is the lead instructor—while putting her three music degrees to good use. "We are a beat-based ride, so it is all about the music," she says. "I can weave in and out of the phrases and put together a bomb playlist that's just fun." Oh, and she still finds time to play bassoon in her quartet, @thebreakingwinds!"

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