PuroClean RapidDefense Program - Coronavirus Cleanup


Coronavirus Cleanup
“Coronavirus” is an umbrella term for many types of viruses that have been known to cause respiratory diseases in both  people and animals. The 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19; previously 2019-nCoV) is a new strain that has been recently discovered and publicized worldwide. According to the  World Health Organization, the strain originated from Wuhan, China, but is now considered a global pandemic with tens of thousands of cases occurring around the world.
PuroClean RapidDefense™ Program
PuroClean RapidDefense™ is the best way to deep clean public areas and help stop the spread of viruses. The process uses EPA-registered products  to minimize the risk of pathogens spreading.  Call us to help you create a clean environment.
Your professional coronavirus cleaning services include:
Facility Cleaning
• Locker rooms
• Kitchens
• Cafeterias 
• Playgrounds 
• Breakrooms 
• Restrooms
• Nursing homes
• Daycare centers
• Gymnasiums & Equipment
• Health centers
• School facilities
• Carpeted areas
Contents Cleaning
• Toys
• Bedding 
• Towels 
• Desks 
• Exercise mats
• Chairs
• Hard-surface material
• Drinking fountains
• Vending Machines
Your Trusted Coronavirus Cleanup Partner
Our industry-certified professionals can clean up your property to a professional standard, using disinfectants that destroy germs and prevent outbreaks, leaving you with peace of mind. The cleaning products we use pass efficacy requirements for hospital disinfectants.