Port of Seattle COVID-19 Update

Following Governor Inslee’s press conference on May 1st, below is an update of what’s happening at the Port of Seattle as we all are navigating Phase 1 of the Governor’s plan and the extension of “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order through May 31.  The update speaks to Port actions to maintain the health, safety, and well-being of our employees, travelers and community, while maintaining essential operations.  Please feel free to share this information with your members and/or staff.
NOTE: Future COVID updates will be posted at the Port’s special webpages, and can be found HERE.
Here are some highlights from last week at the Port:

  • At their April 28 meeting, the Port Commission reviewed the 2020 and 2021 Capital Program and passed Motion 2020-09, which prioritized projects that would help boost economic recovery through project spending and hiring (with the proper public health protocols guided by state and federal agencies). While some projects are actually being expedited, the most notable change was delay in proceeding with the new Cruise terminal at T46.  A review of the industry in the coming months will inform any decisions regarding that project. You can read more about the Commission’s action HERE. The presentation to Commission can be found HERE.
  • A new video outlining the Port’s COVID-19 Response and Relief has been posted and can be viewed HERE.
  • And on a fun note, next Wednesday, May 6th at 3:00pm Pacific Time, SEA will be participating in a live “virtual concert” entitled “The JetStream” Music Festival. Over 20 North American Airports are participating. The concert will be livestreamed on the Port’s Facebook page. You can find more information at the Port’s website HERE.
Daily updates can be found HERE at our website, and through our social media channels. More comprehensive information can also be found at our website.