Connect with Greater Issaquah by Advertising in Connections

Neighborhoods, USA 2020 Newsletter of the Year!

Based in Issaquah Highlands, Connections is the only print publication uniquely serving Issaquah today. Always enjoyed by its core Issaquah Highlands audience, it now has loyal readers throughout Issaquah.

With a print circulation of 5,500, Connections is mailed first-class to every door in Issaquah Highlands. Additional copies are available at local gathering spots around town, such as Swedish Hospital and the Metro P&R, and mailed to all local government officials and select VIPs. Connections is also available to read anywhere online.
Advertising Packages Available for Any Size Business!
Connections prides itself on its affordable advertising opportunities, allowing businesses of all sizes to reach our monthly readers. Display advertising packages are priced to cover printing costs. Pricing ranges from $150 to $950 per month. For more information, please contact Editor Nina Milligan,

Learn more about Connections and advertising opportunities on our website.

Connections is published by Highlands Council, a non-profit with a mission to build community in Issaquah Highlands.