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Spira Power Yoga



About Us

Spira is a Latin word meaning breath. Spira Power Yoga is a unique blend of Western and Eastern traditions. We bring you health and happiness through: Fitness, Tradition, Science and Joyful community.

Spira Power Yoga studio has two locations. One in the heart of the Admiral District of West Seattle. Our second location in Issaquah, right off of I90 at 1135 NW Gilman Blvd. Spira is owned by Dora Gyarmati, her European heritage and scientific background created a unique style. Spira’s Motto is: Everything in balance and moderation. The key to health is an active life, where we can minimize stress and maximize joy. Spira Power Yoga teaches an athletic, flowing yoga style in the Spira Power Yoga style with M3B methodology, developed by Dora Gyarmati. Our room is warm not hot, we heat to a mild 86F, this allows you to sweat but keep your power.
In a nutshell; why we are different:

• We teach functional mobility, not hyper flexibility – all yoga poses have been modified and reviewed by a PT to follow current best practices in sports medicine.
• We emphasize strengthening stabilizing muscles – this is very important as we age, so we don’t fall.
• We guide students based on proprioception and mindfulness – we have no mirrors in the room, and we shift attention away from judgment.
• We emphasize mental health through stress management techniques.
• We thrive to create a community where people feel comfortable, thus encouraging healthy habits in lifestyle.